Kyra & Brendon's Wedding

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What a great day!!

This was a much anticipated event and I’m sure Kyra and Brendon were counting down the days! The day started at the bride’s house with a light fun atmosphere of chatting and coffee. When I arrived there was so much excitement. I was totally excited! We started doing photos right away of all the beautiful details like the dress and rings and flowers. It was The details lots of fun. Then the bride transformed from beautiful to breathtaking. She had help with everything from makeup, hair, to putting on shoes and veil. She was definitely a princess!  That’s what her dad thought I’m sure when he saw her for the first time on the porch! I have posted photos below so take a peek at the bride reveal with her dad… I will warn you these pictures may bring happy tears!  Next we head to the church for some before wedding shots.  Their family was so amazing and just supportive. They all came together to get photos and then we shot the photo I LOVE! Kyra was on one side of the front church door and Brendon was on the other side. Neither could see each other but they could lean against the door and reach out and touch each other’s hand… oh my! I wanted to cry on spot it was so sweet! Next, the family had prayer together and gathered around Kyra…loved this too. The whole day was just filled with these type of moments.  It was such a privilege to be a part of it!

The wedding ceremony was amazing.  You should have seen Brendon’s face when he saw Kyra! Oh wait, you can… just check out the photo. J Then a very memorable moment in the ceremony was when they read their vows to each other. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the church. I know it seems like there is lots of crying but they’re good tears I promise! After lots of family photos, we headed to the little path beside the church to my favorite part of the day.. the bride and groom photo shoot! They were perfect. They made my job so easy. It was a dream for a photographer. Their love just jumped out in every photo! I love, love, don’t you? So they smiled, kissed, laughed and posed somewhat for lots of photos and then their precious grandfather had his car waiting to carrying them to their destination on the hill.    Kyra & BrendonKyra & Brendon

The reception was absolutely beautiful! Leah & Mariah did an amazing job with the stage and decorations! Kyra and family had created some beautiful centerpieces and nice touches everywhere around the room. The food was graciously provided by family and friends, not to mention the delicious cake and cupcakes! The environment was nicely lit with lights from above and candles! The bridal party and family was introduced and then in came Kyra & Brendon for their grand entrance.

Some events of the evening were:

Tying of the three ropes which signified the union of Kyra, Brendon, and God.

Lots of eating of yummy food and cake! They cut the cake and had a great time doing it. LOL

The speeches… oh my word! Here I go again with the tears! Brendon’s brother, Kyra’s maid of honor, and two parents did speeches that were just sweet, heartfelt, and funny. They had you hanging on to their words listening. Kyra & Brendon were so touched to have such sweet words spoken about and to them.

Then there was dancing: The first dance, the dance with dad & mom, group dancing and the dollar dances. Love dancing!! No, I didn’t get to dance but lots of good photos of others dancing! One fella even “got down low!” Kyra and Brendon weren’t far behind. Lots of laughter and fun.

Friend and family candid photos happened the rest of the evening. Check out the photo of his friends holding him in the air.. there’s a couple actually! Lol!

What a great day!! It was one of my favorite weddings! I love the fact that Brendon was prayed for by Kyra’s mom before they even met! God answered her prayer and their love is very evident! Kyra and Brendon, I continue that prayer, that God would grant you a life filled with joy, love, and happiness!


Kyra & Brendon's Engagement Session

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Engagement Session of Kyra & BrendonI love this love story! I can't wait to tell you all about this couple! They are the ideal couple to photograph because you don't even have to try with them.. their love is so evident!

Their Love Story

This story began many years back when Kyra's mom prayed, "Lord, please blind the eyes of all the others." She prayed that only the man that Kyra was supposed to marry would have eyes for her! Her prayers were answered! Can you believe it!! Wow! That's truly a rare thing. I love how God works in prayer, don't you! Kyra & Brendon both shared their story with me as we were traveling in the mountains of West Virginia.They explained that they both went to college together, were in the same program, and had some mutual friends. Brendon noticed her and was trying to hint to her that he was interested but it took a while before she got the message. He finally asked her, just her to have lunch.  After that it was all history. They spent lots of time together laughing and having a fun time getting to know each other. At that point, Kyra had shared her faith with Brendon. Brendon then decided that he too wanted God in his life. Kyra and her whole family were very excited and happy about Brendon's decision! Then, when Brendon wanted to propose, he came up with a great plan that led Kyra to all the places they had shared a memory and lastly they ended up at the church, which is an important part of Kyra's life. He then blind folded her... Little did she know, that he arranged for their families to be there so they could all be a part of their special day. They watched as he got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife! What a great love story!! 

Our Fun Filled Day

So Kyra & Brendon agreed to travel from Ohio, where they live down here to the hills of West Virginia to get their engagement photos taken. Our adventures started at Cathedral Falls in Gauley Bridge. It was pretty bright & Sunny, not ideal for photography but we managed to find some shade and an occasional cloud! I had fun with those photos! I even asked them to take off their shoes to get in the water and they did! Lots of fun :) After that we headed to Fayetteville, where there is breathe taking views of the New River Gorge! We first went to the visitor center overlook. We walked down down the wooden pathway and lots of steps. I got shots of them talking and laughing together. Also, we did several poses with with Bridge in the background. I believe they enjoyed this little hike and I got a few shots that I was happy with! Next, we actually traveled down under the bridge. We took a few photos along the way but I wanted to take them to the water fall on the way back up. They were great sports to follow a tricky path and climb down over some rocks to get to this beautiful waterfall. I believe it was worth the effort! Finally we ended up on my family's farm just before the sunset! We photographers call this the "golden hour." These ended up being my favorite of the day! We took some sitting in the tall grass beside the fence with some yellow flowers. I thought using the flowers in the foreground worked out great! They were perfect at getting these poses! Then I took them to the pond and I was able to capture a few shots with their reflection in the water. LOVED that! We ended up in front of the sunset..lots of great opportunities for dancing, kissing, and fun romantic poses! It was a long day but I truly enjoyed myself. I loved getting to know this couple and capturing the moments that showed their love for each other. I can't wait for the wedding! Stay tuned for more photos!



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